Digital Photo Scanning

Digital Photo Scanning Saves Memories & Storage Space

What do I do with all of my photographs?

Here’s a solution. Sweeney Enterprises LLC, located in Corning, New York, provides a digital photo scanning service which addresses both timesaving and space-saving answers to address this photograph problem.

Throughout our respective lives, we’ve bookmarked life’s high points with a photograph...or two...or three...or 100 plus. In other words, whether it was your wedding day, the vacation trip of a lifetime, or a child’s first day of kindergarten, we’ve commemorated these momentous occasions with many, many, many photos.

Prior to the advent of the smartphone, photographs were taken by cameras ranging from the professional high powered zoom lens camera to the single-use disposable camera purchased at a nearby store.

Sweeney Enterprises LLC can Save Photos and Space at the same time...

Years later, and many photos later, photo albums and boxes full of photographs fill our cabinets, closets, and desk drawers. Because these photos have too many memories, and too much meaning, they can’t be thrown away. On the other hand, these photos take up too much space. At the same time, there’s never enough time to convert these photos to a digital format. Is there a happy medium?

Digital Photo Scanning is the Answer...

Above all, Sweeney Enterprises LLC’s digital photo scanning service solves this dilemma. Provide Sweeney Enterprises LLC with your photos...individually or in your photo albums. Your photos, up to 8” x 10”, will be treated with tender loving care when they are scanned and digitally converted to jpeg files on a CD or USB flash drive.

Check out Sweeney Enterprises LLC’s “Digital Photo Scanning Price List/Order Form” for more detailed information about this service. Save your photographic memories and space at the same time with Sweeney Enterprises LLC’s Digital Photo Scanning Service.

To sum up, simply click on the “Digital Photo Scanning” icon, located to the right, to download the price list/order form to transfer your photographs to the digital format of jpeg files.