35mm Slides/Negatives Scanning

Transfer Yesterday's Slide Moments to Today's Technology

35mm slides were once one of the more popular photographic methods. From the 1960’s -1990’s, 35mm slides captured those special family moments or once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Fast forward to the 21st century. Sweeney Enterprises LLC's 35mm Slides/Negatives Scanning service now converts these slides and photo negatives to JPEG photos.

Sweeney Enterprises LLC Has a Solution!

Basically, you don't need a functioning slide projector now to watch these slides! Located in Corning, New York, Sweeney Enterprises LLC converts 35mm slides digitally into JPEG files. Stored on a USB flash drive these JPEG file photos can be transferred to your computer, laptop, or the cloud.

At the same time, remember dropping off your roll of film for developing at your nearby drugstore? When you picked up your photos a few days later the packet included a stack of those photo negatives. Meanwhile, years later those photos may have deteriorated or damaged. However, if you still have the negatives, Sweeney Enterprises LLC can convert those strips of transparent plastic film into JPEG files of the photos.

Keep in mind the longevity of 35mm slides and negatives. Over time 35mm slides and negatives lose their vibrant, bright colors. Therefore, time is not on your side if you have boxes or trays of these items. So, the time to act is now! Gather up your 35mm slides or photo negatives. Have them transferred to a digital format in order to view your memorable moments for years to come.

Is there an Opportunity to View Your Slides/Negatives today?

Nevertheless, the days of reliving your family vacation by watching a slideshow on a slide projector carousel with screen are long gone. However, the memories ingrained on those slides or photo negatives don’t have to disappear. Let Sweeney Enterprises LLC convert your 35mm slides and photo negatives into a format you can watch today. Don’t let your personal history fade away!

35mm Slides/Photo Negatives Scanning by Sweeney Enterprises LLC is the Answer.

Your 35mm slides and photo negatives contain so much history. A walk down memory lane again is not out of the question if you contact Sweeney Enterprises LLC about its 35mm Slides/Photo Negatives digital scanning service.

Therefore, for detailed information about this service, check out Sweeney Enterprises LLC’s “35mm Slides/Photo Negatives Scanning Price List/Order Form.” Preserve those special moments in your life with Sweeney Enterprises LLC’s 35mm Slides/Photo Negatives Digital Scanning Service.

Finally, don’t wait another day, simply click on the “35mm Slides/Photo Negatives Scanning” icon to download the price list/order form to transfer your 35mm slides and photo negatives to the digital format of JPEG files.

Photos of 35mmm slides and negatives (left side of photo) which are then converted to actual photos as JPEG files (right side of photo)
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