Video Production

Company Videos

Sweeney Enterprises LLC and Ramsdell Video Productions' video production services are available to organizations seeking to expand its visibility through an employee orientation/recruitment tool or promotional video. Sweeney Enterprises LLC and Ramsdell Video Productions have videotaped and produced promotional and informational videos for several organizations and companies.

Experienced with media productions, Sweeney Enterprises LLC and Ramsdell Video Productions writes scripts for commercials and provides the advertising voice for all advertising commercials.​​

Sweeney Enterprises LLC

Jim Oman, owner of North Country Outfitters (570) 827- 2850 located in Nelson Pennsylvania, commented on his company video produced by Sweeney Enterprises LLC and Ramsdell Video Production:

"Sweeney Enterprises LLC is very accommodating and willing to listen to my expectations and needs. I was extremely satisfied with the professional quality of the end result."

Memorial Service Videos

When a loved one has left this world, not every family member or friend may have the opportunity to attend the funeral, memorial, or gravesite service. Missing any of those ceremonies can leave a void for those families and friends. Sweeney Enterprises LLC can fill that gap by videotaping the entire service from start to finish or any segment of the service.

Sweeney Enterprises LLC, with several years of video production experience, tastefully videotapes and produces a DVD that captures those comments and memories shared throughout the ceremony.

With over 30 years of public relations, media, and marketing experience, Denis Sweeney's videotaping style proceeds along the lines of a low-key understated approach during these solemn and difficult times.

Sweeney Enterprises LLC

Download Sweeney Enterprises LLC Memorial Service Video Productions brochure today and let Denis Sweeney of Sweeney Enterprises LLC capture the special moments and memories of your loved one's ceremony.
To view a Sweeney Enterprises LLC demo video of
a memorial service,please click on this link to the Sweeney Enterprises LLC YouTube channel.

​Options For Tribute Videos

Sweeney Enterprises LLC offers a personal touch with its one-on-one service and assistance in videotaping the specific service or ceremony you request:

  • Church Funeral or Memorial Ceremony
  • Funeral Home Service
  • Gravesite Ritual Ceremony

The videotaping production services of funerals, memorials, or gravesite services are:

  • Respectful
  • Professional
  • Reverent
  • Considerate

Sweeney Enterprises LLC Memorial Service Video Productions captures those moments and remembrance remarks offered during those services or ceremonies that celebrate the live of your loved ones.

Cherish those lifetime memories with a quality produced DVD of your loved one's memorial, funeral or gravesite service.

Let Sweeney Enterprises LLC provide you with that lasting recollection by calling (607) 769.5145 or by email at

Sweeney Enterprises LLC

Sport Videos

Coaches may not be able to attend your specific athletic event, but you can bring your game to those college coaches and recruiters with the help of a professionally produced Athletic Video Resume.

No matter what your sport - from football to lacrosse - Sweeney Enterprises LLC and Ramsdell Video Productions can create a personalized video featuring:

  • Individual Background and Statistics.
  • Actual Game Highlights featuring "You in Action."
  • Experienced in writing, narrating and producing videos, Sweeney Enterprises LLC and Ramsdell Video Productions are a production company that will come to the game or games of your choice for your particular sporting event to shoot digital video of your game action. A professional quality produced recruitment video can be sent to your prospective college.
  • You decide the length of the video, along with how many DVD copies you need. Sweeney Enterprises LLC can quote you the cost for producing your video that is sure to impress any college coach!
  • If you would rather have an entire game, Sweeney Enterprises LLC and Ramsdell Video Productions can videotape and transfer to a DVD your entire sporting event from the opening whistle to the final buzzer!
Sweeney Enterprises LLC