Convert Audio Cassette Tapes to Digital MP3 Files

Remember the days when we used cassette recorders to record our children's recitals or that presentation where you didn't want to miss a word?

As it seems with almost any technology we used regularly in the 1970's -1980's, cassette audio tapes have become obsolete.

However, how can we save the audio on those tapes to ensure that those special recordings are not lost altogether?

Sweeney Enterprises LLC can now convert your audio cassette tapes of memories into digital MP3 files. Please note that cassette tape length transfer total is limited to 60 minutes (30 minutes each side).

You can download the price list/order form by clicking on the "Cassette Tape Transfer Price List & Order Form" photo below.

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Cassette Tape Transfer Price List & Order Form

To download the Price List/Order form to convert a cassette tape to MP3 digital file please click on the order form above

Customer Testimonial

"Since I no longer own a functioning cassette player, I could not listen to a box of 20 audio cassette tapes containing the sermons of a longtime family friend. Sweeney Enterprises LLC digitally converted those audiotapes allowing me to hear those talks for the first time in years! I'm extremely pleased with the reliability and proficiency Sweeney Enterprises LLC exhibited in completing this project. I highly recommend Sweeney Enterprises LLC for the digital transfer of your audio cassette tapes!"

Helen Tenny
Horseheads, New York

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