Convert VHS/VHS-C/8MM MP Tapes & Mini-DVDs to Digital Files Of DVDs or USB Flash Drives

Now's the time to convert your old VHS tapes into digital files. Here are some reasons why now is the time to digitize your VHS tapes.

Do you have a box full of VHS, VHS-C, mini-DVDs, 8 MM MPs or DVDs? How about owning a functioning VCR or DVD player to watch these tapes?

Are these tapes containing a host of memories ranging from your wedding day to your children's little league games?

Above all, how do you preserve those memories?

There's a Way to Save Your VHS Tapes...

Sweeney Enterprises LLC can convert your VHS, VHS-C, 8 MM MPs, mini-DVDs, and regular size DVDs of memories into digital files such as DVDs or USB Flash Drives. Unfortunately, Sweeney Enterprises LLC is unable to digitally transfer 8mm video cassette tapes.

Take the First Step in Protecting Your VHS Video...

First of all, download our price list/order form by clicking on the image below.

Sweeney Enterprises LLC can preserve your memorable moments for years to come. Secondly, let Sweeney Enterprises LLC transfer your outdated VHS, VHS-C, 8 MM MPs, mini-DVDs, or regular size DVDs into digital files as DVDs or USB Flash Drives.

Finally, don't let your VHS tapes deteriorate right before your eyes. Convert your VHS tapes into digital files. Contact me today!

Please click on the icon below to download the price list/order form to transfer your VHS tapes to digital files such as DVD/USB Flash Drive.

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Our Customers are Nationwide

Several Elmira-Corning, New York residents have used Sweeney Enterprises LLC's VHS tape transfer service. However, Sweeney Enterprises LLC 's business goes beyond the borders of the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. For example, Sweeney Enterprises LLC has also assisted individuals and businesses from across the country. Theses customers have requested Sweeney Enterprises LLC to save and convert their VHS tapes into digital files for DVDs or USB flash drives.

- Arizona                             - Ohio
- California                         -  Oklahoma
- Connecticut                      - Pennsylvania
- Florida                              - Rhode Island
- Georgia                            - South Carolina
- Illinois                              - Texas
- Kentucky
                         - Wyoming
- New York                         

In conclusion, let Sweeney Enterprises LLC convert your VHS tape personal highlights into digital files for a DVD or USB flash drive format.

Do You Know Where Your VHS Tapes Are?

By Denis Sweeney

"What is that?" It's a question asked every day a million times by inquiring minds. For example, this inquiry could pertain to anything from food on a dinner plate to interpreting a math word problem. In this particular instance, those words were spoken by a teenager when the teen's mother discussed transferring old VHS tapes to a digital format.

As a result, this customer hired Sweeney Enterprises LLC to convert one of her company's VHS videotapes to a USB flash drive. In fact, this customer may need my company's continued service by transferring additional VHS tapes to this same data storage device, also known as Thumb drives.

VHS Tapes are Relics to Our Youth

For instance, it's fair to say if you're under the age of 20, the concept of a VHS tape, used to record a favorite television show or a child's first step, appears to be a foreign concept. After all, a VHS tape isn't an app on a smartphone!

Likewise, a weekly highlight for the generation (and you know who you are) familiar with VHS tapes considered weekend trips to the local Blockbuster store to rent the latest movie release. When we inserted these tapes in our VCR machine (translation – videocassette recorder), we hoped the tape started at the beginning (Remember – "Be Kind...Please Rewind") and your machine did not devour the VHS magnetic tape

VCR Machines are Gone, But The Video Is Not Forgotten

It's been over a decade since VHS tapes were last produced and approximately four years ago for the manufacture of the final VCR. As each day goes by, the opportunities available to watch and relive the memories from those home videos are dwindling. Now's the time to clean those closets and attics. My question to the "VHS Generation" audience – "Do You Know Where Your VHS Tapes Are?" Locate those VHS tapes today before they disintegrate and crumble right before your eyes.

Here's one way to illustrate how VHS tapes are disappearing in the 21st Century. Imagine the USS Enterprise from Star Trek using a photon torpedo to destroy a Klingon Starship. Get the picture now?

Gather Your VHS Tapes Today

Moreover, it's not too late to save those taped memories from the 1980s and '90s. Sweeney Enterprises LLC still owns a VCR (In fact, I have a couple of backup machines) as well as the required technology to convert those VHS "relics" to either a DVD or USB flash drive format.

Contact Me Today

Above all, email for a copy of my price sheet/order form. Let Sweeney Enterprises LLC resurrect those yesteryear memories.

Turn the question of "What is that?" to the statement, "Wow, I didn't know Dad grew a mustache?"

Customer Testimonials

"Looking to turn your old videotapes into digital files? Denis Sweeney of Sweeney Enterprises LLC is your answer.

He took 11 videotapes of varying lengths and put them onto one thumb drive for me. He turned around the project quickly, professionally, and at a very reasonable price.

Plus, it was wonderful to actually deal with a human being rather than a web interface so that I could get all my questions answered and talk through my actual needs."

Rhonda Morton

Owner, Savannah Consulting Corning, New York

"I needed a quick turnaround on converting some old VHS tapes to Flash Drive but had no idea where to look for that service in my area.

Thanks to the Internet, I was able to find Sweeney Enterprises LLC. Fortunately, I lived nearby, and after explaining my situation, I was able to drop off the tapes and with good timing, receive my flash drive the same day.

The process was very professional, and every effort was made to make sure the conversion file information was correct. I would not hesitate using their service again."

Bill McKay

Painted Post, New York

​​​"Converting old CDs, VHS tapes, etc. to a USB flash drive has never been easier! Denis Sweeney of Sweeney Enterprises LLC's provides an efficient and safe way to save and view treasured memories! Denis is timely, professional, and easy to work with. I highly recommend his service!"

Shelley Bailey

Horseheads, New York

"I am very grateful to Sweeney Enterprises LLC for preserving our archival films on USB drives so that we can enjoy them for years to come and hand them down to family members.

Thanks to Denis, a piece of our family history has been saved!! We were so pleased with your efficiency and final product--and your capacity for following my complicated chart of directives!!

Many, many thanks-- A very satisfied customer!!"

Fiona O'Connor

Elmira, New York

"For several years I've wanted to get old videos transferred to DVD, but just couldn't make a decision. A friend told me about Denis Sweeney of Sweeney Enterprises LLC, and I am so happy I called him.

The DVDs were the best gift of Christmas. So many priceless memories are now available any time we want to watch them, thanks to Denis.

We highly recommend his work and his customer service."

Karen Charnetski

Elmira, New York

​" Our wedding videos are now captured in a much more reliable AND convenient form, and to know that our memories are safe is a HUGE relief. I'm just glad the tapes done 27 years ago were still in good shape.

I would certainly recommend this service to anyone that has video (VHS) tapes with important content on them. What a peace of mind!

Thank you for getting them done so quickly too!"

Chris Goll

Campbell, New York

" Working with Denis with the conversion of precious VHS tapes to a USB flash drive could not have been easier. He communicated in a very timely manner and was very responsive. He offered suggestions along the way which made things feel quite comfortable. I highly recommend Denis to safely manage your irreplaceable photos and/or videos."

PJ Lekas

Antioch, California

" I used Sweeney Enterprises LLC to convert my VHS tapes to DVD format. The final product was professionally done and in a timely manner. Very pleased!"

Dom Esposito

Fairport, New York

"Mr. Sweeney reached out to me via phone to let me how the VHS to DVD process was going which I much appreciated.

When I received the finished product, I was impressed with the covers emblazoned on the DVD containers.

I would gladly recommend Sweeney Enterprises LLC to anyone looking to transfer their VHS tapes to DVD."

Robert Slocum

Dryden, New York

" Thank you Sweeney Enterprises LLC for your excellent service, transferring our video on a flash drive to a DVD. Job well done and ready the next day! ***** (5 star rating)"

Betsy Kent

Horseheads, New York

" I gave Denis VHS tapes that needed extensive editing. He did great job. I highly recommend his service."

Tony Fitzpatrick

Tuscon, Arizona

"Denis Sweeney of Sweeney Enterprises LLC recently converted some athletic VHS tapes to DVDs at my request.  I have been involved in the coaching profession for over forty years and the quality and professionalism put into my order went above and beyond what was ever expected.  He certainly over delivered starting with the extra time putting together a special jacket cover that made the transition of tapes even more special to me.  The professionalism and quality of the DVDs and entire experience will leave positive lasting memories for years to come.  Well worth the time and cost.”

Mike D’Aloisio

Elmira, New York