Every Business Needs to Seize the Day! Address Problems Immediately!

Every business needs to seize the day and tackle its problems immediately head-on! That’s because a day does not go by when a small business or nonprofit organization faces some type of issue or problem. It could be a large mess or a small snag. It does not matter where the problems rank in the pecking order of priorities. The daily complications could be cash flow, marketing, customer service, employee concerns, loss in productivity and sales, or a whole host of other issues. Seize the day! Every business or nonprofit organization must address its problems immediately!

Because no one relishes dealing with delicate difficulties on a regular basis, it’s easy for an owner/manager to implement the ostrich effect. That term refers to the owner/manager basically sticking their heads in the sand believing the problem doesn’t exist. Or, if there is an issue, by sticking your head in the sand, the problem will go away on its own.

However, turning a blind eye to a problem could move from a small brush fire to a five-alarm blaze. This approach could end up potentially derailing a business permanently.

Live in the Moment

No matter what the issue may be, such as declining sales, a business owner/manager needs to address the matter now before it’s too late. That’s why every business needs to seize and day. The goal is to correct the problem immediately and have the business on the right track of stability and growth.

Ignoring the problem as a “tomorrow” issue places your business on the fast track to disaster. Because some problems seem so overwhelming, a small business owner/manager follows this football tactic of “running out the clock.” Unfortunately, many business problems don’t solve themselves. Therefore, when a small business owner/manager sees a problem “action” rather than “delay” should be the approach. Acting promptly and swiftly will be better in the long run. In fact, it could make the difference between triumph and disaster.

Nonstop Rotation

Issues of all shapes and sizes are inevitable for all businesses. Therefore, small business owners/managers need to establish a system where they can make critical, skilled decisions concerning any business challenges. Any owner/manager can count on a nonstop rotation of:

  •  Functional issues
  •  Specific analysis
  •  Remedy alternatives
  •  Decision-taking

After going through this process, owners/managers can count on the “wash-rinse-repeat” cycle with new issues. No business can ever avoid some type of problem, so capable small business owners/managers realize that dealing with business dilemmas is part of doing business. Rather than implementing the ostrich effect, proactive and forward-thinking owners/managers look at these challenges as opportunities to improve their businesses now and into the future.

Lasting Results

How owners/managers deal with the many roadblocks they encounter will undoubtedly have a direct impact on the current and future bottom lines of their respective businesses.

It doesn’t matter if your business is a sole proprietor or multi-employee business, it’s critical for owners/managers to exhibit true leadership qualities when addressing and solving those business “speed bumps.” Otherwise, this business will join the long list of broken businesses.

Success will be measured by the abilities of the owners/managers to eliminate or minimize any short-term or long-term negative impact. Once the problem at hand is resolved, it never hurts for owners/managers to reflect on the experience and how to prevent that particular issue from occurring again.

Therefore, when facing any challenging matters or issues, small business owners/managers must avoid procrastination. Every business needs to seize the day and tackle its problems. If not, those businesses may not be open for business the next day.

Denis Sweeney