Find the Treasure

Find the treasure. Many businesses overlook the obvious in its efforts to succeed. Businesses implement marketing campaigns, along with price, and cost cutting measures to beat the competition. So, what is the treasure? The treasure is follow-up. Specifically, when the follow-up focuses on customer service.

Businesses spend time, energy, and money training employees. At the same time, businesses try different marketing campaigns to determine what produces the best results. Businesses also try to offer the best when it pertains to products or services.

Net profit is the ultimate goal for every business. To reach the top of that mountain, businesses study the competition, look to be price competitive, encourage employee peak performance, and cut expenses where possible.

While trying to accomplish these tasks, customer service becomes an afterthought. However, that’s where the treasure lies.

Find the Treasure – Customer Service

A diligent and conscientious business can still lose customers. Current and potential customers expect a certain level of support. This might be person-to-person, phone, emails, text messages, online computer chats, or social media posts. Customer service generates a customer experience. The experience, either positive or negative, determines whether that particular customer returns.

Customer service occurs every day in every business regardless of the type of business. Buyers look for and expect the same customer service appreciation before, during, and after a sale.

Expansion Opportunities

Excellent customer service creates growth opportunities for those businesses which prioritize customer service. That’s because many businesses don’t consider the significance of customer service. Products and services are certainly “money makers” for every business. Customer service also is a “money maker” which provides an opportunity for economic growth.

Meanwhile, customer service does not occur by accident. In fact, customer service must be emphasized and instilled within every employee. Every business looks to grow. Growth occurs when there’s customer retention, customer satisfaction, new customer acquisition, up-selling, and cross-selling.

What’s Needed

Customer interactions can be challenging at times. However, customer service improves through understanding and concentrating on a few important skills. Improved customer service translates to customer satisfaction, retention, and increased revenue.

· Patience – listen to customers. They like to talk about their needs and issues with the company concerning its products or services.

· Relate – mentally trade places with your customer. Consider how YOU would feel if YOU were the customer.

· Communicate – say it in simple terms that the customer understands. Therefore, employees must know about your company’s products or services.

· Problem Solve – employees must be quick to solve a customer’s problem. Creativity might be appropriate because the longer it takes to solve a problem, the bigger the problem or issue becomes for a customer.

· Right Attitude – customers want to hear a “yes” voice immediately rather than a “no” voice. The first is definitely better than the latter.

· Appreciate – customers don’t want to be taken for granted. Better to remember a customer with a show of appreciation rather than to forget the customer after the sale.

· Plan for the Future – not every customer contact ends up with a sale. Building for the future can be just as important as an immediate sale.

Find the Treasure –  #1 Priority for Success

While customer service is important and easy, many businesses seem to discount it. Follow-up and customer service are so compatible and, in many cases, interchangeable.

Therefore, every business owner needs to ask the following questions:

How do I conduct business?

What do my customers think about our business’ follow-up and customer service?

How would I rate my business?

How would I rate my competition in these areas?

What frustrations do I experience when I deal with other businesses?

Think about how you and your staff can create extraordinary and satisfying experiences for every customer who interacts with your business. Find the treasure. Remember…find the treasure in the follow-up!

Denis Sweeney